This is a half stock Hawken rifle as S. Hawken might have made for Kit Carson.  It is 54 Caliber with a 70 twist Green Mountain Barrel  The barrel is 36 inches long.    The stock is curly maple and this gun was built from parts by hand with hand tools.  It has some decoration with a silver star and silver wire inlay.  The furniture is iron and rust browned finish with intentional wear to simulate use.  It has only been shot to test barrel and make the video below to show how it groups.  The video also shows close up of rifle.  Check it out.

FOR SALE  $2250.


FOR SALE  $ 2400.00.

This is my interpretation of a Haines/Dickert Style Pennsylvania School Rifle.  It has a 42 inch 54 caliber Colerain Barrel with round bottom rifling.  The twist is  56 and it will shoot Buffalo Bullets accurately.  The stock is Grade 3 Curly Maple and has tons of curl.  The furniture is brass and the lock is  iron and polished out to a high shine.  Check out the video on this rifle it really stacks in a group.  There is Dickert Style carving on the stock behind the cheek piece and on the wrist.